Friday, September 30, 2011

hello it has been awhile

As the cooler weather approaches and  we are looking toward that dreaded "s" word...ok it is snow....I can't help but feel alittle sad this year to say good bye to the great evenings we have had.   This was a nice summer with the exception of the 90+ degree days.  Looking forward to upcoming shows and such.  Erie PA on Columbus Day weekend at the Women's Expo.  Until tomorrow...God Bless

Monday, December 20, 2010

Shea Butter?

What is shea butter?  This is one the most asked questions I get at shows.  Shea Butter comes from the Shea Tree mostly in African regions.  It is a Tree Nut Oil.  It is very beneficial in helping to restore your skins natural moisture.  Those with severely dry skin conditions such as eczema and such have benefited from this oil for years.  I use Shea in almost all of my products.  My personal experience is that I had eczema on my leg most of my life.  I am not sure that I contribute its absence for the past 9 years from strictly the shea or the fact that I gave up using products with most chemicals in them.  I do know that many of my customers have found relief from their own dry skin conditions since using these products.  It is important to note that as stated, Shea is a TREE NUT.  Those with allergies to these types of products should be aware of this and use caution.

Be a Blessing to someone today!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Welcome to my site!

Hello! This site is dedicated to the sharing and teaching of natural alternatives in skincare.  It is my goal to reach as many people as possible and help educate them, though my knowledge and the knowledge of others, that there are safe, effective alternatives to commercially made products

Products on the market today contain many chemicals that can be harmful.  We live in a society that promotes the use of these products and makes them easily accessible as well.  My goal is to inform and make natural alternatives just as accessible.  Some alternatives are found as close as your kitchen cupboard.  Please feel free to share your ideas, questions, and comments.  I have been a natural soap and skincare maker for 10 years and I still learn more each day.

May God bless you and yours